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Malka’s Holocaust ITV 23’ x1
Malka journey’s from Britain to Europe to reunite with the Christian family who hid her from Nazi soldiers.
Brummies in Brownstown ITV1 23’ x1
Following a couple who, as ‘returnees’, make the move back to Jamaica to live out their retirement.
Naked ITV 23’ x1
Vincent Bethell from ‘Freedom to be Yourself’, campaigns to make public nudity acceptable.

Observational Documentary
Demolition ITV1 23’ x1
Demolition contractors bring down an unloved high rise block in a populated area of Birmingham City Centre.
My Mum’s a Knockout ITV1 23’ x1
A female boxer attempts to battle to the top, whilst juggling her regular career and family commitments.
Everest - Against All Odds ITV1 23’ x1
Competitors attempt to reach Everest Base Camp in extreme conditions, followed by a grueling downhill race.

To Catch a Killer - Michael Samms ITV1 23’ x1
Investigating the manhunt that led to the capture of a notorious murderer and kidnapper.
The Way We Were - Christmas Special ITV1 23’ x1
Using old home movies and contemporary interviews to illustrate how Christmas was spent in years gone by.
Headliners ITV1 23’ x3
Contributors reflect on the impact of appearing in the news in a negative light and their attempts to move on.

Factual Entertainment
Slim to Win ITV1 23’ x1
Rosemary Conley encourages clinically obese contributors to lose weight and enjoy exercise.
Real Cooks ITV1 23’ x1
Gino D’Acampo presides, as a food critic and a celebrity chef cook a seasonal meal for each other.
What’s Up Dog? ITV1 23’ x6
Katie Boyle and Joe Inglis help dog owners with their pet’s health, dietary and training issues.

Lifestyle Magazine Show
Our House ITV1 23’ Contributing Editor
A look around peoples homes and what makes them stand out from the ordinary.
Simply Gardening ITV1 23’ Contributing Editor
Advice on getting the most from our own green spaces.
Waterworld ITV1 23’ Contributing Editor
Stories from the canals and riverbanks of Britain, that are both a place to visit and somewhere to set-up home.

Social Action
Solution Street ITV1 23’ x1
Ben Sheppard and Gaby Roslin help a community to band together to help each other.
Britain on the Move ITV1 23’ x1
Anne Diamond encourages everyone to walk their way to a healthier lifestyle.
Changing Attitudes ITV1 23’ x1
A girl with severe disabilities summons incredible strength to communicate her thoughts on her condition.